Apna Formula Class 10 Batch - Panjim Birthday Celebration

Apna Formula Class 10 Batch – Panjim Birthday Celebration

About Apna Formula : Apna Formula is an initiative by Shiv Prakash Pandey and Sushil Tripathi to provide the best possible training to school students in Class 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th and to candidates appearing for various competitive exams for MBA.

Prior to founding Apna Formula in Goa, Shiv and Sushil, both engineers, each have spent 18 years teaching and mentoring students in coaching institutes that are well known national players. In 2013, they decided to launch their own institute in Goa. Apna Formula was founded with the aim of imparting training in a more effective student friendly manner. The focus is not merely on the short term training to excel in the examinations but also on equipping the students to realize their potential for the careers of their choice.

Teaching Methodology : Each course is designed to help the students gain confidence in themselves. This is achieved by first ensuring complete clarity of the concepts and then moving on to problem solving in a systematic and graded manner. Skills are reinforced through regular and monitoring of homework. Class tests are administered at regular intervals to make the students test ready.

Our Mission : To nurture young minds to realize their potential, achieve the best of their capabilities, and to fulfill their dreams to lead their lives with confidence in themselves.