My experience with Apna Formula was very good. the classroom providing a fun and easy way of learning.the study materials provided by them were very helpful. the class conducted were very easy to understand and helpful.and of course fun with fellow batch mates. Also the counselling sessions conducted helped the preparation by guiding us on the approach for preparation..the only request I can make is please start the classes in Vasco as well..:) rest everything was perfect..:) kuddos to team Apna Formula. – Kshipra Deshmukh (MBA entrance batch)

Apna Formula, as the name suggests indeed is d formula to SUCCESS! Initially when I decided to go for an MBA, I planned for a break after graduation and decided to study on my own. But one of my friend informed me about the ‘FREE DEMO CLASSES’ held by one of the finest tutors. I thought of giving it a try. After the 3 hour lecture I realized there is so much to learn and how important it is to have guidance. The knowledge the tutors share and the way they train you, YOU GOT TO BE IN ONE OF THE BEST COLLEGE ONLY! They provide you with a well sequenced study material of the very basics and an exercise at the end of each concept chapter. There is homework discussion of this exercise on regular basis which makes sure every solution is best understood by each student. There are many shortcuts taught which are time saviors and there lies the key to cracking an exam! There are counseling sessions held which keep up the motivation and build in confidence. All in all it has been a wonderful experience with best kind of trainers who give individual attention to each student and that is what keeps “Apna Formula” above the rest. – Nupura Nadkarni (MBA entrance batch)

The classroom sessions are truly interactive. Each one is given chance to talk & to ask smallest & simplest of his/her doubt. Even the complicated & confusing concepts are simplified and presented in understandable manner. They give you sufficient time & ensure that you have grasped the concept well. The classroom environment is quite friendly and helps you to grow as an individual as well as a professional. – Bhavesh V.S. Velingkar (MBA entrance batch)

Apna Formula made me understand my strengths and identify my weaknesses. The classroom teaching methods reinforced the fundamentals behind quaint topics. Coaching here was a great confidence booster raising the morale high-up to achieve the target.- Dipti Pai Vernekar (MBA entrance batch)

Apna Formula taught me a lot of quaint techniques, thus enhancing my question solving speed and accuracy, taking the number of attempts higher. It helped me develop altogether a different outlook towards questions and sharpened my analytical skills. Faculty involvement, support & guidance at every step proved to be a game changer. – Raj Rege (MBA entrance batch)

Complete preparation package you can say when you join Apna Formula classes. A very cooperative faulty, always boosting your morale to achieve what is necessary. To be frank learned a lot of new tricks to save time during a test and improve your accuracy. And the most important activity which takes place is individual attention is given to each student. A must join for anyone willing to do an MBA in future. Apna formula truly has bright years to come. – Imran Sadat Dawood (MBA entrance batch)

A well structured teaching pattern, the best quality reference material, good ambiance, in-depth coverage of all the chapters with homework discussion and the counselling sessions conducted always kept the motivation factor high!!! These make Apna Formula stand above the rest.. Overall a very good experience.- Tejas Kuvelkar (MBA entrance batch)

Maths had always been a nightmare for me since school days. But now, with such a wonderful training to tackle all my problems with Mathematics and MBA Entrance exam preparations at Apna Formula, I have confidence that I can crack the exams and get into a Good B-School. All Thanks to Apna Formula and its experienced faculty. – Swapnil Kamt (MBA entrance batch)

I heard of Apna Formula through a recommendation from a friend. I wasn’t aware of it because it wasn’t marketed as much as the other coaching institutes which made it more special. Unlike most, Apna Formula is not commercial. Its stands to the test by its commitment to its students, its course ware, a highly dedicated faculty and of course the excellent interactive sessions with the externals.- Rajeev Radhakrishnan (MBA entrance batch)

My experience with Apna Formula has been an incredibly enriching one. The faculty at Apna Formula has helped me immensely not only in understanding the subject, but also in developing a positive approach towards it. They provide with strong conceptual grounding in each topic and ample practice material to hone the application of these concepts.The classes are also managed and scheduled accordingly to cover the syllabus well in advance. This gave me ample time to brush up all the topics in the workshops conducted, understand my strengths and weaknesses and work on them.Besides academic preparation, Apna Formula also organized fun filled seminars which are very inspiring and teaches us to tackle real life issues like memory, procrastination etc. The personal counseling sessions also gave me the much needed guidance to prepare for the exams in the right way.The immense dedication and the motivating environment has helped develop confidence in myself. Apna Formula has exceeded my expectations in every way. I proudly recommend Apna Formula for the level of preparation and focus it has developed in me which helps me to perform brilliantly in each test. – Annika Gracias (MBA entrance batch)

Well,if I were to be completely honest then I would have to acknowledge the fact that I was very skeptical about joining the  coaching classes at Apna Formula. Thanks to the feedback I received from friends I decided to try these classes out and haven’t looked back ever since because from day one it was evident that the faculty was well-experience, supportive and non-judgmental. We learnt to look at maths in a totally different way .Apna Formula hasn’t just helped us in preparing for mba entrance exams but has also changed the way we look at life and apply ourselves thanks to the mentoring provided by the faculty of Apna Formula. Not to forget the guest lecturers who gave us useful tips on important issues like achieving “peak performance” and many other related topic which has truly  influenced our thought -process in more ways than one. – Clarence de Mello (MBA entrance batch)

My experience in Apna formula has been great till date. The good things about this institution is that they pay personal attention to each and every student unlike the other institutes who don’t even remember their students name after enrolling. The faculty in Apna Formula are awesome they help you in whatever difficulties you have at any time and with patience. The New things that I learned over here is the shortcuts and tricks of calculations in Maths which really helps in competitive exams like cat to save time. Being a commerce student I was pretty average in maths but after the guidance of Apna Formula classes I have drastically improved my speed and also my accuracy. And also one important thing the notes and study materials they provide are also very helpful. The concept book is such that you have to write on you own unlike others who provide printed notes which hardly students read and by doing this it really helps in remembering it for a long time. I strongly recommend Apna Formula for MBA aspirants and students who wants to study Maths in a very different and interesting way. – Saesh V Naik (MBA entrance batch)

My experience with Apna Formula classes has been phenomenal. I was a student at one of the coaching institutes in Goa but the classes there were very ineffective and there came a point of time when the classes just stopped happening without any notice. That is when I took the decision of joining these classes and the kind of guidance and help I got here was fabulous. The most amazing thing about Apna Formula classes is that even if you are sitting in a class of 20 students, you will feel that the faculty, no matter the subject, is teaching you personally. The kind of training and guidance I have got here, I don’t think any other coaching institute here in Goa can provide that kind of a support system. If I actually succeed in getting admission in a reputed college for MBA, the entire credit will go to Apna Formula. – Rishi Jalan (MBA entrance batch)

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