Apna formula to help me conquer maths and science. The teachers are supportive and encouraging. I will say teachers here are difficult to find. The timing is also very comfortable to attend the classes. My score has improved from 60% to 95%. Let this learning with fun to go on and on. – Saieel Prabhu (Class 8)

Frankly, I did not want to join these classes, but when I did join the classes my scores went from 10 to 100. The most fun learning coaching classes with no pressure and no partiality. The best recommended classes for anyone, with best teachers who you can never find. The teachers are very supportive and loving.- Sahil Sen ( Class 8)

Apna formula not only enabled me to achieve good grades but also cleared my doubts and basics in mathematics. It has immensely helped in strengthening my foundations. – Saloni Singh (Class 9)

Coaching at Apna Formula has repleted confidence in my problem solving abilities. It has instilled a sense of satisfaction due to the individual attention that has the systematic and graded pattern of teaching. I have also benifitted from the career counselling given here. – Aishna Nasnodkar (Class 10)

The classes at Apna formula have helped me a lot to improve my Maths and Science. – Anushka Ghosh Roy (Class 10)

Apna Formula coaching classes is really good. It has not only helped me to improve my knowledge but also has encouraged and made me confident about my studies. The teachers are really very supportive and encouraging. Methods of teaching in different ways so that everyone can understand in really nice way. Apna Formula has helped me a lot and I can actually see the change in myself after joining the classes. They make us to practice a lot and have to do a lot of hard work. It has helped me , so can help many other students as well. Apna formula is best in training students and I am sure it will keep helping students to achieve the success. At the end I believe” Apna formula…Sabka formula” – (Class 10)

I have just joined the classes Apna Formula, and its amazing because it helped me in Maths and and especially physics. I think it was right decision to join the tution. – Angelina (Class 10)

The classes have helped me a lot. It has helped me achieve my fullest potential. I never thought that I can get such good marks in maths and science. It really helps to clear all your concepts and doubts. – Anupama (Class 10)

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